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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Transfer Pre-Existing Realtime Morph Targets
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Mutable Version: 1.2


This article explains how to transfer pre-existing UE morph targets to the final meshes generated by mutable.

Transfer Pre-Existing UE Real Time Morphs Targets


  1. First of all the feature needs to be enabled in the Customizable Object Properties tab by checking the checkbox Enable Real Time Morph Targets .

RealTimeMorphsEnable.PNG (385×461 px, 33 KB)

This is an opt in option per Customizable Object and should only be enabled when this Customizable Object have meshes with morph targets that are wanted to be transferred. Be aware that by enabling the feature more memory will be used.

  1. Next, select which morph targets need to be transferred to the mesh generated by mutable. This is done specifying by name at each SkeletalMesh Node which morph targets need to be transferred to the final mesh. Go to the Node Properties tab and add as many elements as needed in the property Used Real Time Morph Target Names. Then specify by name which morphs have to be transferred.

RealTimeMorphsName.PNG (276×486 px, 23 KB)

In this capture, only "Fat" and "Slim" morph targets will be transferred to the final mesh.

This needs to be done for every mesh and sub-mesh that will contribute to the final output. If two or more sub-meshes have morph targets with the same name, the resulting mesh will have them merged such that all vertices of the final mesh affected by a morph target with this name are driven by the same curve.

  1. Finally, after compiling, the result can be checked double-clicking the Skeletal Mesh thumbnail image in the Preview Inst. Prop tab.

Annotation 2020-09-24 175839.png (244×427 px, 18 KB)

This will open a tab window where the resulting skeletal mesh can be inspected and morph target curves manipulated. By default the Morph target Previewer is enabled, if it is not the case, it can be enabled at Window -> Morph Target Previewer on the menu.

Annotation 2020-09-24 175353.png (781×1 px, 495 KB)

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