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The topic of this document is to detail the additional features that can be found in the viewport of the Customizable Object Editor.

Display UV's

The UV's Button is located in the toolbar of the Preview Instance Viewport. This button toggles the display of a given StaticMesh's UV's.

image.png (890×1 px, 1 MB)

It's possible to change the static mesh's UV's beeing shown by clicking on the dropdown button and selecting another option. If the Customizable Object has multiple LODs, option names will specify the LOD they belong to.

image.png (140×605 px, 102 KB)

Bake Instance

The Bake Instance Button converts the preview instance to Unreal Engine Assets, creating SkeletalMeshes, Materials and Textures. For more information on how to Bake Instances and why it can be usefull check the Baking Instances page.

image.png (140×605 px, 94 KB)

State Test

Make a State-Change performance test, iterating through all possible states and runtime parameters for this instance. The result of the test can be displayed in the viewport by enabling the toggle button in the State Test dropdown. Showing information about the instance's geometry is also a toggleable option from this feature.

image.png (865×1 px, 740 KB)

State test diplay will be changed in future versions.

High Resolution Screenshot

Available from the Preview Options menu. Clicking this option will open a pop up menu to configure the settings used to create the screenshot.

image.png (92×314 px, 43 KB)

Mutable Version: 1.1

Advanced Preview Settings

Adjust Lighting

It is possible to add a new In-Game Light Settings Profile from an existing Unreal Engine ULevel Asset. By clicking on the Add New Profile Button, in the lower part of the Preview Scene Settings, an Asset Browser will show up. After selecting a level a new window will appear and ask which lights will be used to make the profile. The new profile is added to the Scene Profiles and can be selected from the profiles dropdown.

image.png (178×439 px, 16 KB)

image.png (352×1 px, 306 KB)

The selected ULevel must have at least one DirectionalLight, one SkyLight and one PostProcessVolume actors. The information in those actors will be used to make the new profile. If such a ULevel Asset does not exist, a new one must be created by clicking on "File/New Level" (at the main page, outside the Customizable Object's tab) and at least those three actors named above are to be dragged and dropped into it. Then this level must be named and saved in order to appear on the Asset Browser's list.

Add Multiple Lights

Additionally, multiple lights can be added to the viewport using the Lighting options in the Custom Settings section. This feature allows users to create, edit, save and load sets of lights to further improve the lighting from the preview scene.

image.png (410×438 px, 33 KB)

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