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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Texture Interpolate Node
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Change between textures gradually, allowing to fully apply one texture, the next one, or any proportion between them.

Use Cases

Make a character get more sunburnt as they spend time under the scorching sun.

Node Properties

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Num Tagets: Number of textures between which the interpolation takes place.

WARNING: The interpolation is always made between two consecutive texture indexes, so more than two values are advised only if they represent a single progression or effect. For example, wet skin, normal skin and skin so dry it has scales would be a proper use of a texture interpolation node with three inputs. Independent values that can be mixed at the same time with the base texture are better implemented as consecutive texture interpolations. For example, plain skin, wrinkled skin, freckled skin, scarred skin and sunburnt skin are independent, and all five should be able to influence the result to some degree at the same time. In this case, five consecutive texture interpolates of two inputs each would offer all the degrees of freedom necessary to mix them all at the same time.

Input Pins

Factor: Number between 0.0 and 1.0 that determines to what degree are two consecutive textures interpolated. 0.0 will fully apply the texture at target 0, 1.0 will fully apply the highest index target texture. Intermediate values will progressively interpolate between them. For example, if there are four inputs, a factor of 0.6666 will mostly represent the texture given to the Target 2, and a factor of 0.5 will be an interpolation between the textures at Target 1 and 2 applying them both in equal proportion.
Target (index): Texture input for this index.

Output Pins

Texture: Final texture. It is either a single texture from the input or the interpolation between any of two consecutive target indexes, depending on the chosen factor.

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