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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Texture Color Map Node
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Creates a new texture based on the texture provided on pin "Base" and the gradient texture provided on the input pin "Map". The result of the operation of this node is a texture based on the "base" texture but where each of the pixels have seen their color value updated based on the X position that the value of the pixel maps onto the "Map" gradient texture.

In more simple terms, the dark areas of the base texture will be swapped in color to make use of the colors found on the left side of the "Map" input texture, the mid tones will see a similar effect just that the new values will be mapped to the middle range of the input gradient and, at least, the higher value pixels will be updated to use the color found on the right side of the input gradient map.

Use Cases

  • Dynamically set color to a character's clothing based on the user's selected gradient map. Multiple color gradients could be used to define multiple clothing styles.
  • Use one color gradient or another to determine the faction of a vehicle. Useful if the same vehicle can be part of different factions.
  • You want to have a set of furniture pieces that you want the user to change the color set they use to add customization. Similar to what is done on "The Sims" game.

Bellow is shown a simple example where you can see the node in action:

Texture Color Map (2).png (2×4 px, 7 MB)

Input Pins

Base: The main input texture used by the node. It will be the texture whose colors change by the end of the operation of this node
Mask. Determines what areas of the "Base" texture will be affected by the operation of this node. Values lower than 0.5 (gray) will not be processed. It is optional.
Map. Gradient image that will be used to map each pixel on the "Base" texture to the according pixel on this gradient texture based on the value of the "Base" texture pixel For example, a value of 0 on a pixel from the base texture will mean that the pixel will be swapped by the color found on the X=0 position on the gradient. On the other hand, a value of 0.5 will be swapped by the color found on the middle of the map texture.

Output Pins

Texture: Equal to the "Base" texture but with the colors swapped using the "Map" texture and the "Mask" texture if this is provided.

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