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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Remove Mesh Blocks Node
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RemoveMeshBlockNode.PNG (105×253 px, 15 KB)


Remove all the geometry in the chosen layout blocks from a material.

Use Cases

Avoid clipping problems with close geometry like tight pants.
Avoid clipping problems on morphs applied under existing features like a fatness morph under a shirt.
Optimize resources excluding unseen geometry like the scalp of a head with abundant hair.
Heavily optimize resources excluding geometry and whole blocs of textures that have been occluded by covering geometry like the torso and arms under a jacket.

Node Properties

GraphNodeProperties.PNG (575×358 px, 162 KB)

(Material dropdown): The ancestor material asset from which the blocks will be removed.
(layout selector): Selection of the material layout blocks that are removed. Click on each block to toggle between the deleted (red) and kept (light yellow) states. The kept blocks are not modified in any way.

Output Pins

Material: Material without the removed mesh blocks. Removed blocks are not included in the final mesh, reducing geometry and freeing space from the final texture.

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