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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Material Node
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Defines a material for a skeletal mesh, offering the option to change its textures.

Use Cases

Modify textures of a material of the base object skeletal mesh, like mixing in a new normal map to enhance the appearance of an applied morph, or change the color of the skin of the character.
Modify textures of a material of one of the child objects, like switching the albedo, normals, metallicity and roughness of a jacket to offer the option of leather or denim.

Node Properties

imagen.png (872×477 px, 60 KB)
Material: TODO
Images(array): TODO
Name(Images array item): TODO
UVLayout(Images array item): TODO
Reference Texture(Images array item): TODO
Compression Settings(Images array item): TODO
Filter(Images array item): TODO
SRGB(Images array item): TODO
LODBias(Images array item): TODO
LODGroup(Images array item dropdown): TODO
Mip Gen Settings(Images array item dropdown): TODO
Max Texture Size(Images array item): TODO
Dither Mip Map Alpha(Images array item): TODO
Vector(array): TODO
Name(Vector array item): TODO
Show Pin on Node(Vector array item): TODO
Scalar(array): TODO
Name(Scalar array item): TODO
Show Pin on Node(Scalar array item): TODO
Tags(array): TODO
(Tags array item): TODO

Input Pins

Mesh: Mesh whose material this node modifies.
(texture channel name):. Optional, when disconnected keeps the texture in the material unaltered.

It's not efficient to connect the output of an unaltered Skeletal Mesh Node texture directly into the same texture input pin in a Material Node when it's not altered in any way. It only forces the texture to go through Mutable without modifying anything, using unnecessary memory and slowing down the operations on the other textures that do actually change. This is ok, but wasteful:
imagen.png (248×803 px, 60 KB)
Doing it like this is more efficient:
imagen.png (246×803 px, 59 KB)

Output Pins

Material: Result material, with all the provided input textures applied. Disconnected input pins leave those textures with their current values.

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