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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Group Projector Parameter
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TODO: What this node does.

Use Cases

Define a projector that can be used on any of a group of switchable items, like a sticker for any shirt that a character could wear.
Define a set of images that the player can choose where to put in an item and how many of each to project, like allowing for multiple stickers different emblems on a clothing piece.

Node Properties

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Copy (button): Utility for copying the current transform seen in the Preview Instance Viewport. Useful for applying the same transform to different projectors or to manually save a copy of the current transform before trying some new location.
Paste (button): Utility for pasting the output of a projector copy button. It allows to set this projector transform the same as the one copied from.
Material Channel Name to Connect: The name of the texture channel parameter that is modified in the materials of the group that have such channel created. That channel must be completely black, fully transparent and blended to the material.
Masked Out Area Material Channel Name: TODO
Reference Texture: Texture that will define the final game texture configuration. Is not printed or projected in any way, its only purpose is as source of configuration options. The information that will be used from it is TODO: what info?.
Projection Texture Size: TODO
Option Images (array): The different textures that will be projected. There has to be at least one in order to project anything. Each option can be used more than once, so there's no need to have duplicate options to project multiple times the same image. Also, multiple different options can be used at the same time.
Option Name (array item): Name of this particular projection texture.
Option Image (array item): Texture asset that will be projected when this option is chosen.
Option Poses (array): Poses different from the T-Pose that are used while projecting. TODO: explain how this works, how is a pose chosen, and anything else important.
Pose Name (array item): Name of the pose. TODO: what is this name used for, when is it needed or shown? Does this need to be the same as some other name?
Option Pose (array item): Pose asset that is used when this option is chosen. TODO: anything else to add here?
Data Table Texture Column Name: Name of the column that contains the Texture2D references in the Option Images Data Table node property.
Option Images Data Table: Table asset containing texture references to use for projection, that can be shared among different Group Projector nodes. The row names will be used as Option Names for the corresponding texture, and if any row name is already defined as option name, the data table
Alternate Projection Resolution State Name: TODO
Alternate Projection Resolution Factor: TODO
Projector Bone (dropdown): Utility for setting the gizmo location and rotation to match the chosen bone. Really helpful for cylindrical projectors.
Parameter Name: Name of the group projector parameter defined by the node. It has to be unique within all the parameters in this customizable object hierarchy. Used when coding or within blueprints to refer to this parameter.
Projector Type (dropdown): Allows choosing between planar, wrapping and cylindrical projectors.
Planar projectors are best on more or less flat surfaces.
Wrapping projectors are intended to use on top of more complex geometry.
Cylindrical projectors are intended to use as wrap around elongated sections of mesh smaller than the projector radius.
Projecion Angle (degrees): When a cylindrical projector is chosen, defines the angle around which the texture will be stretched. An angle of 360º means that the texture will wrap around and the ends will touch at the back. This parameter has no effect if other type of projector is chosen.
Parameter UI Metadata: Metadata associated to this group projector parameter.

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(red 3D gizmo): Used to define the projector default transformation: location, rotation and scale.

For planar and wrapping projectors: The red box defines the volume that will be affected by default by the projector. This can change at runtime when the parameter is modified.

For cylindrical projectors: The red cylinder defines the volume that will be affected by the projector. It is further limited by the projection angle. Both can change at runtime when the parameter is modified.

Output Pins

Value: Group projector to connect to any Object Group Node to give projectors to all its children.

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