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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Float Parameter Node
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Expose a numeric parameter from the Customizable Object that can be modified at runtime.

Use Cases

Let the user modify the morph applied allowing for intermediate values.
Let the user change a color from a range defined by a color bar texture.

Node Properties

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Default Value: Default value that the number takes before modification.
Parameter Name: Name of the float parameter defined by the node. It has to be unique within all the parameters in this customizable object hierarchy. Used when coding or within blueprints to refer to this parameter.
(array) Description Image: Names of the texture input pins. Can have one, multiple or no rows added.
(array item) Name: Name of the texture input pin.

Parameter UI Metadata: Metadata associated to the float parameter.

Input Pins

(description image name): One appears for each Description Image array item created with its defined name. This parameter description can be used from code and from blueprints to setup the UI slider defined by this number. Mostly useful when the number is associated to a color bar.

Output Pins

Value: Rational number currently set as parameter. Runtime modifiable.

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