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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Enum Parameter Node
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Exposes and defines a parameter offering multiple choices to modify the Customizable Object. Also defines a default one among them. It's abstract, does not define what type those options refer to. What exactly choses among is defined in one or multiple linked switch nodes. Switch nodes of any combination of types can have their options defined by the same enum parameter. This allows changing textures, meshes, colors and numbers at the same time when a single enum parameter changes.

Use Cases

Change a mesh that can have at most one version active at any time, like offer the option to chose what glasses is a character wearing, if any.
Change the emblem that's stitched to the shoulder-pad, knee-cap and shield of an armored knight.
Offer many different cybernetig implants to the ear area of a character, changing the mesh and the underlying texture at the same time for visual consistency.

Node Properties

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Default Index: Option selected by default, when none has been explicitly chosen. It refers to an index in the Values array below.
Parameter Name: Name of the enum parameter defined by the node. It has to be unique within all the parameters in this customizable object hierarchy. Used when coding or within blueprints to refer to this parameter.
(array) Values: Options offered by this enum.
(array item) Name: Name of the option
(array item) Parameter UI Metadata: Metadata associated to this single enumeration option.

UI Parameter Metadata

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Metadata associated to the whole enumeration parameter.

Output Pins

Value: Enumeration defined by this parameter. It signals what option is currently chosen to all the nodes that take it as input.

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