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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Edit Material Node
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Modify the texture parameters of an ancestor's material partially or completely.

Use Cases

Add a skin tight bandage to the forearm of a character.
Change the whole skin of a burnt defeated character to coal black.
Add wrinkles to make an aged face.

Node Properties

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(Material dropdown): The ancestor material section that is overwritten. One texture pin and mask pin is made available per texture parameter that the chosen material section has.
Select All(button): Helper button to select all the blocks in this layout.
Unselect All(button): Helper button to unselect all the blocks in this layout.
(layout selector): Selection of the material layout blocks that are affected by the modifications. Click on each block to toggle between the selected (brown) and unselected (light yellow) states. The unselected are completely ignored even if the mask is white.

Input Pins

(parent material texture parameter name): The new texture, which should have the same resolution as the ancestor's texture being modified for consistency. There is one of these pins per texture parameter the chosen ancestor material has and giving it input is optional. When the pin is empty the corresponding ancestor material texture parameter will be left unaltered.
(parent material texture parameter name) Mask: Optional texture restricting the exact surface shape modified by the changes. White for what is completely replaced, black for what is left as the parent is. Grey to overwrite with the new texture parameter leaving a glimpse of the previous texture parameter, lighter for more change and darker for less. The mask only applies to the texture parameter with its same name, if there is something connected there, and only for the blocs selected at the layout selector.

Output Pins

Material: The resulting material with modified texture parameters. This node does substitute the need for the ancestor material node, it will still need to be connected to work.

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