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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Color Variation Node
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Changes what color is given depending on what tag is active.

Use Cases

Allow to change certain parts of a customizable object depending on some external condition, like using one color or another for the helmet of your character depending on what trousers he is wearing.

Node Properties

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Variations (array): Amount of options defined.
Tag (array item): Name of the tag that activates the corresponding variation.

Input Pins

Variation (index) [(name)]: The color that is given if any of the currently active customizable objects defines a tag identical to this variation name. If multiple variation names have active tags, this is the chosen variation only if it's the one with the lowest index among the active ones.
Default: The color that is given if there is no matching name.

Output Pins

Color: The color connected on the currently chosen variation input pin, or to the default input when none apply. If multiple tags are defined at the same time, only what is connected to the lowest index among the current valid ones will be in the output. Runtime modifiable.

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