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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Clip Mesh With Mesh Node
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Removes the part of a material that is completely enclosed in a mesh volume. It only removes the faces that fall completely inside the cutting volume, along with the vertices and edges that define only faces that are deleted.

Use Cases

Remove geometry from occluded parts of the base object, like the head when wearing a full helmet.
Remove the same geometry from many different child objects, across any LOD, like when a jacket uses a volume to remove any shirt, torso, hoodie, and accessory that is under it, hidden from the player, keeping the visible parts intact.

Node Properties

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(Customizable Object searchbox): Customizable Object from the same hierarchy that contains the material that is being removed from.
(Clipping Method): ComboBox to decide which method will select the material that is goig to be removed. The options are: Material, Tags or Material & Tags.
(Material dropdown): Material that is being removed from. The faces from this material that are completely enclosed within the input Clip Mesh are deleted, along with any dangling edges and vertices.
Tags (array): Tags defined by this material modification. Any Material Node that defines any of these tags, also receives the material removal when the Customizable Object this node is connected to is active.

Changing from Material to Tags will set the selected material to "None". Also, changing from Tags to Material will clear the array of tags.

Input Pins

Clip Mesh: Skeletal or Static mesh defining the volume that encapsulates everything that needs to be deleted.

Output Pins

Material: Material modifier that activates with the Customizable Object it is connected to, but cuts the material chosen in the node properties and any other Material in any customizable object in the same hierarchy that has any of the same tags defined. The modification removes the faces enclosed by the clip mesh from those materials, and any vertex and edge that was only defined by deleted faces.

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