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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Node Reference
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Disambiguation of terms used in the Node Reference Docs

The node documentation follows a strict nomenclature, to distinguish between Unreal Engine concepts and Mutable specific nodes and concepts that sound alike but are not exactly the same.

image.png (544×479 px, 99 KB)

Mutable Material, represented by a Material Node in the source graph editor. It contains a Section / Material Slot, a Material Asset and any amount of Material Parameters

Material Asset
image.png (1×1 px, 566 KB)

Unreal Engine asset that stores the information of an Unreal Engine material. It can contain one or multiple Material Asset Parameters.

Section / Material Slot
Sprite-0005.png (839×1 px, 547 KB)

Faces of a skeletal mesh asset that share a single Material Asset.

Texture / Image
image.png (647×803 px, 263 KB)

Basically color information linked to positions in a two-dimensional array. Can represent albedo, a mask, normals, metallicity, roughness, emissivity, etc. The one in the right example is layed out to be used on top of a mesh, but flat images are also included in this definition.

Material Asset Parameter
Sprite-0002.png (706×1 px, 362 KB)

Texture, Color or Scalar parameters from an Unreal Engine material. Mostly used to refer to the texture asset parameter, as Material Asset Texture Parameter.

Material Parameter
Sprite-0003.png (393×440 px, 68 KB)

Texture, Color or Float parameters of a Material Node that Mutable uses to modify a Material Asset Parameter at runtime. Mostly used to refer to the texture parameter, as Material Texture Parameter.

Customizable Object Parameter
image.png (421×366 px, 77 KB)

One of the multiple variable types that a Customizable Object can define with parameter nodes to allow external modification of the Customizable Object Instance through mutable The exposed parameters can then be modified either by code or unreal blueprints, ultimately by the game or the players themselves. Customizable Object Parameters can be directly connected to a Material Parameter, or pass through other nodes documented below to add more sophisticated behavior. Object Group Nodes are also parameters.

Node Reference: List of Nodes

Customizable Objects
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