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Multicomponents allow to divide the resultant Skeletal Mesh generated by a Customizable Object into multiple Skeletal Meshes (Components). In the following example, we can see that the head and the body of the Cyborg are two separated Skeletal Meshes.

image.png (281×1 px, 100 KB)

How to Generate Multicomponents

Now, Base Object nodes have a new property called "Num Mesh Components". This property allows us to specify how many components we want to generate.

image.png (451×978 px, 60 KB)

Once we have set the number of components that are going to be generated we have to set a Reference Skeletal Mesh for each of these components. To do so, we have to add a new slot to the "Reference Skeletal Meshes" array in the "Objects Properties" tab. As we said, we have to add a new element for each component.

image.png (586×825 px, 69 KB)

If we compile the Customizable Object we will already have a multicomponent asset. However, all the new components will be empty.

image.png (869×850 px, 70 KB)

To fill the components, we have do one last step. The node that decides what goes to each component is the Material Node. There is a new parameter called "Mesh Component Index" where we select the component that will contain the Section related to this Material.

image.png (558×1 px, 128 KB)

Once we have selected the Component Index for each material we just have to click "Compile".

image.png (888×887 px, 75 KB)

On drag and drop a Customizable Object Instance into the level, it will spawn an Actor with all the Customizable Skeletal components already generated.
Customizable Skeletal components created manually only refer to a single component.
Multicomponent actors created manually (instead of using drag and drop from an instance) will need to add a Customizable Skeletal Mesh for each component and have them all share the same Customizable Object Instance.
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