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Mutable for Unreal Engine | Cooking Customizable Objects
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Cooking of Customizable Objects for Packaging

This section is specific to users of Mutable for Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) - Early Access.

The compilation of Customizable Objects for cook no longer happens automatically at the beginning of the UE packaging as in previous releases of Mutable for UE4. The compilation must be triggered by developers to add or update Customizable Objects into the game.

The new system to compiling for cook (Cooking) Customizable Objects brings great advantatges to users and some drawbacks.

  • Store the cooked data of Customizable Objects for multiple platforms. The data stored will then be used by Unreal Engine to cook the objects during packaging.
  • Substantial reduction of the packaging time depending on the number of Customizable Objects and their complexity.
  • Generation of cooked data on demand.
  • Developers must trigger the execution of this pre-process manually or integrate it into their own automation process.

Cooking Process

Please note that for future releases of Mutable for UE5 the usability of this system will be improved towards being more user-friendly.
Using a batch file

Right now, the best option for developers is the creation of a batch file that calls the subprocess to cook Customizable Objects. This batch file should be placed in the project folder and can be used as a more generic, easy to use, solution to approach the cooking.


Open the example file to see the list of parameters availables and two examples showing how to cook objects.

Note that the project name in the batch file must match your project's name and that depending on the O.S and structure of your project the path of the executable (UnrealEngine.exe) may change.
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