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Version 1.1

This version is for Unreal Engine 4.25



image.png (85×186 px, 12 KB)

  • Added Copy/Paste/Reset to the Instance Editor.
  • New mipmap bias added to all textures per LOD when using automatic LODs.
  • Add blueprint access to the cylindrical projector angle.
  • We’ve added LOD info to Skeletal Mesh Node Pin names.
  • We've added a Tooltip that shows the name and the address of the Int Parameters.
  • Added missing functionalities for Advanced Preview Settings.
  • Added mutable texture reference counting to the instances to be able to decide which textures in the cache are actually worth blocking from GC during an update.
  • Basic definition of ReferenceSkeletalMesh and a tooltip to Reference Texture are been added.
  • Nodes have now a color depending on their type.


  • We now warn about Group Nodes using the same name.
  • We’ve updated Customizable Objects and Customizable Object Instances icon colors.
  • Convert meshes using rendering index buffs instead of import for getting better results overall.
  • Our log/error message has been highly improved.
  • We have improved the display of multilayer projectors.
  • We remove Export/Import Layout nodes from the context menu. Now Mesh Layouts are Single Output Nodes.


  • Fixed some errors when changing states in the preview instance properties due to sorting states by name.
  • Mesh conversion and skinning now work perfectly.
  • Fixed a Bug in the immediate release of texture memory system when working with models with LODs.
  • Layout generation fix for automatic LODs.
  • Warning for duplicated groups and duplicated parameter names.
  • We’ve fixed alpha slider from Multilayer projector on the instance properties panel.
  • Fixed crash when compiling only selected options in an empty Customizable Object.
  • Modifying a parameter using an invalid index won’t cause a crash.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when adding a new projector layer in the Customizable Object Instance Editor.
  • Instance properties UI now update after editing sliders.
  • We now ensure copying android libs on deploy.
  • Changing float parameter names now updates their pin names correctly.
  • After the first compilation of a CO, the message “finished compiling” will appear correctly.
  • UV display functionality didn't show all possible and existing LODs.
  • Now engine won’t crash when refreshing Skeletal Nodes with ShowLOD/Image pins on node disabled.
  • Now Vector Parameters can use “Show Pin on Node” functionality properly.
  • No more baking problems due to missing skin weights after regenerating imported model.
  • Missing referenced nodes after duplicating Customizable Objects has been fixed.
  • Clip Mesh Morph rotation angle now updates correctly in real-time.
  • We've added a check to avoid more crashes when visualizing the UV's.
  • We've deactivated the set projector types and re-activated the get projector types.

Cyborg Demo:


  • Our lobby character is animated.
  • We have added multilayer examples into the character.
  • Now we can zoom to the character face.
  • We’ve added thumbnails to the shirt stickers.
  • Fading angles added.
  • Dirt added to helmet and cyborg arms.

image.png (1×1 px, 2 MB)


  • We have reversed our controls on the projector widget.
  • We’ve updated our demo Splash.
  • Character instance for our Lobby has been updated.
  • Projector widget initialization has been improved.
  • UV layouts and textures have been updated for Cyborg Arms and Trousers.
  • We’ve lowered settings for consoles.
  • Updated console branding logos.
  • UI textures compression mode updated to our UI.
  • Character’s states, tattoo thumbnails, icons for UI, controls description has been updated.
  • The transition from TPose to Idle.
  • Slider no longer requires the controller lock to modify.
  • Gamepad vertical sensibility has been lowered.
  • New control text/UI when changing input method (gamepad and keyboard).

image.png (684×1 px, 884 KB)


  • Color widget sliders are updated in real-time on gamepad.
  • Gamepad/controller navigation has been improved.
  • Splash for packaged projects appears now correctly in consoles.
  • Console title is now correctly set up.
  • Refactor of the camera and projector controls to fix bugs.
  • We decided to toggle off runtime texture compression on states for the tattoos and eyes.
  • T-Shirt sticker projection should now set correctly.
  • We’ve removed double negative that introduced differences in gamepad handling.
  • When the focused widget gets collapsed, widget lost it’s focused. Now it works correctly.
  • Scars skin tone has been fixed.
  • Color Sliders are now reset when moving the saturation or brightness to zero.
  • Postprocessing volume screen percentage modified from 200 to 100.
  • Projector widget type interface has been fixed.
  • Freckles color constant fixed.
  • Some scrolling issues are now fixed.

Village Demo:


  • A new example for the “How to call Material Variations” has been added. **
  • Demo UI color widget value and saturation bars are now dynamic. **
  • We’ve enabled the back button to close the demo in android. **
  • We’ve added zoom to the character face on creation. **
  • Virtual joysticks are now focusable from the menu. **
  • New pad icons added. **

image.png (603×521 px, 546 KB)


  • We now have the UI Buttons gamepad/keyboard focus has been improved. **
  • Hover and focus style of float bars has been improved. **
  • Style improved of color widgets. **
  • Demo HUD has been updated. **
  • Removed bones from high LODs to fix mobile devices not rendering characters. **
  • Rebaked all instances of the Museum level. **

We've updated our UI font.


  • Color Sliders now reset when moving the saturation or brightness to zero.
  • We’ve fixed Bandit mesh scale.
  • Animations have been re-uploaded with the correct scale.
  • Pawn and instances scale in Village level fixed.
  • Color widget slider handle darkening has been fixed.
  • We've fixed the tattoo default location.
  • Scrolling issues have been fixed.
  • We’ve reduced the character radius for PS4.
  • Now the controller right thumbstick is able to rotate the camera outside the menu on both levels.
  • Fixed scrollbar flicker.
  • UI navigation has been improved.


  • Camera panning has been removed.
  • Redundant HUD functionality has been removed.
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