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Version 1.4.5

This version is for Unreal Engine 4.27.

Mutable 1.4.5

What's New:

  • Mutable has been updated to support Unreal Engine 4.27.
  • New Tool: Pin manager for MaterialNode. This manager shows all the parameters of a material and allows to hide or show the pins of the material node. There are three posible option: show Selected pins, Show All pins or Show Linked pins.
imagen.png (242×524 px, 17 KB)
imagen.png (672×881 px, 131 KB)
  • Now Float constant and Color Constant nodes display their values. Values can be modified directly from the nodes.
    imagen.png (193×488 px, 28 KB)
  • Runtime parameters have their own menu in the CustomizableObjectNode menu.
    imagen.png (671×925 px, 144 KB)
  • Added new ComboBox to Node ClipMeshWithMesh to select the Clipping Method (Material, Tag, Both).
    imagen.png (117×405 px, 9 KB)
  • Added a new functionality to find child Customizable Objects from a group node. The Customizable Objects will appear in the "Group Info" section of a GroupNode.


  • Modified morph targets reconstruction data structure which make them easier to serialize and efficiently.
  • Gamepad cylindrical projectors movement improved.
  • Added "IsStreamed" and "TextureLODGroup" columns to the texture analyzer widget.
  • Projector scaling keeps aspect ratio (XYZ) when the white button of the gizmo is pressed.
  • Added option to define a camera rotation pivot point in state metadata.
  • Now warning messages referring to state parameters don't appear when compiling child objects if they are not the owners.
  • Add the option of creating static instance clones to use on construct scripts and other serialized cases
  • Added "Transparency" label to projector occlusion floating parameter.
  • Added new sorting UI method for parameter properties. First, they will be sorted by UI order then by name (if there is no UI order specified).
  • Added a default pin in skeletal mesh node for when no skeletal mesh is selected
  • Added metadata tag that allows sliders to lock into defined positions
  • Remove intrusive checks and change them to warnings.
  • Added UI metadata functionality to cancel the previous hiding of parameter widgets on singular enum options to get fine control on what shows when.
  • Added drag&drop support for materials in Mutable graphs.


  • Fixed morph targets serialization crash.
  • Fixed appearance of multiselection on UI state buttons.
  • Fixed automatic generation of layout blocks.
  • Fixed crash when copy/pasting a skeletal mesh node.
  • Fixed crash when closing the CustomizableObjectEditor while loading referenced assets.
  • Fixed crash when a value of a mesh switch node was empty.
  • Fixed color pickers of constant color and color parameter nodes. Now the color picker window won't close prematurely.
  • Fixed textures connected directly from skeletal mesh nodes to materials. Now they have the correct max size setting applied.
  • Fixed case where two ClipMeshWithMesh nodes that clip meshes from the same CO's material didn't work as expected.
  • Fixed crash when trying to pressing "Open Parent Editor" or "OperParenInContentBrowser" and the parent was deleted.
  • Fixed in-game projectors from cast and be affected by shadows.
  • Fixed instances not being generated in the blueprint editor nor the level editor.
  • Fixed crash when open CustomizableObjectInstanceEditor and Instance is not compiled.
  • Fixed ClipWithMesNode node crash due to an empty material node.
  • Fixed crash caused by a linked ExtendedMaterial node of a Material node without linked pins.
  • Fixed crashes caused during garbage collection.
  • Fixed packaged game crash due to missing MutableStreamedData files.
  • Fixed MaterialVariation not considering all inputs.
  • Fixed baked skeletal meshes crashing immediately when loaded.
  • Fixed toggle UI widget not displaying theme colors.
  • Fixed Int Thumbnail buttons selection appearance.

Village Demo


  • Implemented a new random population generator to work with Mutable Population plugin if it is available.


*Fixed warning when opening the project without Population assets included

Cyborg Demo

What's New

  • Added a new helmet to test material layers. The support for material layers is not yet implemented Coming Soon.
imagen.png (331×367 px, 299 KB)
imagen.png (327×359 px, 281 KB)
  • Added weapon instance to the level.
imagen.png (955×669 px, 630 KB)
imagen.png (1×1 px, 1 MB)
  • Added Cyborg Animations.


  • Added new forced parameters to show the Cyborg face in some states.
  • Fixed baked instance that was different from the original.
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